You Need To Eat More, Not Less

I am not crazy – let me explain!

I know … it goes against everything you have ever been taught.

To lose weight you have to reduce calories and restrict right?  

Hear me out for a moment…what if we made our focus to be FULL OF ENERGY and FEEL GOOD instead of weight loss…

….and weight just naturally fell off without you even thinking about it?

Sounds good right?

Honestly…this is the way forward.

I used to think it was all about restriction.

Until I learned how food behaves in our bodies.

If your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs it becomes stressed.  It slows down your metabolism, stops burning fat, struggles to balance your hormones and takes energy from your glycogen stores which in turn makes you tired and CAUSES CRAVINGS.

You can’t simply cut calories, you have to eat to give your body vitamins and minerals so that it can be in homeostasis, feel safe and let go of weight it doesn’t need.

Whilst you are restricting – your body believes it needs to hold on to fat for you to survive.

The way forward is eating more of the right foods to balance your blood sugar and give you energy.

Calories are old school – nutrients are the new cool.

When your body receives what it needs, your blood sugar becomes balanced, you feel great, have incredible energy, a strong immune system and…you will naturally lose weight.

Without restricting, starving or counting calories ever again.

When I teach women to eat this way they always say… ‘I have never eaten this much and lost weight before’.


  1. Eat plenty of fibre to keep you full – this will SMASH your cravings
  2. Quit counting calories and start counting colours (that is where you find lots of different
  3. EAT BREAKFAST – it is essential to balance your blood sugar
  4. Quit skipping meals if ate something you think you shouldn’t have – let it go and move forward
  5. Eat when you are hungry – not just because it is time to eat

What do you think – how does the thought of eating MORE make you feel?

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