WOW. What a year 2020 has been!

Wow. What a year 2020 has been. One we will all look back on and remember for sure. 

Challenge is a really important instigator to growth. Whilst the hardest and darkest times in my life have been deeply unpleasant, they have taught me great things to which I now credit where I am today. Pain teaches us our edges. As we get to know what those edges are we can choose to expand them and grow. For me, a lot about life is getting OK with sitting in the discomfort of our edges and observing what they are teaching us.

Every year I take some time to reflect and observe what I have learned and how I have grown. This year is no different. 

I have laughed, I have cried, I have spent days in bed in low mood, I have struggled with homeschooling and running a business, I have missed my family, I have felt angry, sad and elated (all at once sometimes!), I have been irritated, I have enjoyed the peace, I have been riddled with fear and I have been led by love, trust and faith.

For 2020, I set out big plans and when the reality of lockdown hit us in March, I remember thinking – there is no way I can achieve my goals now…I will have to scale back my plans.

But I didn’t.  

Despite the fear, I decided I could still put everything into achieving what I had set out.

So I pushed on…

In 2020 I have:

  • Run my first two retreats (pre-lockdown!)
  • Completed three diplomas
  • Qualified as an NLP practitioner
  • Launched my group coaching programme 
  • Regularly featured on BBC Radio
  • Launched my podcast – The Warrior Journals
  • Doubled my income from last year and broken six figures (not so long ago my card got declined to buy my son nappies so I am super proud of this)
  • Completed a triathlon 
  • My private client practice is fully booked until March 2021

All of these things are awesome yet my priority and true drive is love and service. When I started my business my intention was to spend quality time with my son, take him to school and pick him up every day and to live a life of service to others.

I am so proud and grateful I can say I get to do these things.

I cherish amazing quality time with Isaac (and now my lovely husband too!) and the expansion of my business allows me to serve at a greater level which has enabled me to give to so many more charities and people in need.

with my clients I laugh, cry and celebrate.

I truly believe I am doing what I came here to do and I am excited to see where 2021 goes.

None of this would have been achievable without:

  • My amazing husband, my coach, my VA (you’re amazing!) and friends and family who continuously encourage and inspire me
  • Meditation
  • Yoga 
  • Nourishing my body with good food
  • Daily mindset/belief work

I share this with you in the hope to inspire.

Anyone can achieve these things – truly, they can…I have gone from zero self-belief and believing my worth was in everything outside of myself – stuck in judgement, comparison and fear and using food and alcohol to numb the pain to learning to love who I am – these successes are simply the outcome of deep inner work.

Whatever this year has been for you please know this: you are enough, you are worthy, you came here to do great things and you are a truly special and unique individual.  If you want weekly tips join my Facebook community here.

Wishing you a truly love filled 2021.

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