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Rachel Elizabeth

"I now believe in myself."

Tee Randall

"What I've learnt is to nourish my body."

Anna Hamilton

"I'm like a different person."

Lisa Nugent

"I feel that I'm far more positive."

Jo Picton

"My life now is full of joy."

Daniela Anderson

“When I found Anna I was lost, disconnected, lonely and overwhelmed. I blamed my body, ate my unhappiness and obsessed about losing weight – frustrated, scared and consumed by a want I could not articulate everything seemed difficult.

Anna was a ray of sunshine; from our first meeting it felt like coming home. I was seen, supported and loved. She helped me heal, gave me perspective and gently encouraged me look up and see the wonder of the world we live in.  

Life before Anna felt like a struggle, a constant exhausting fight without purpose; the transformation was easy, smooth, everything made sense on such a basic level, the more I went with it the more it all fell into place. I was, after what seems to be a very long time, able to breath again.

My heart is now open, I am full of gratitude and love and my light shines. It shines so bright that my family are happier, my relationships real, my work has reached new levels but most of all the hunger has gone.

Anna, you helped me find myself, I am whole and I am enough. I thank you from the heart and will shine the light to help others the way you helped me.”

Kirsty K

“Anna, lovely Anna.

What can I say? I’ll start with a HUGE thank you for everything you have given me over the last few months. You have been incredible to work with and made a huge difference and impact in my life. I came to you to focus on my health and nutrition and energy levels, but you quickly became so much more. My health coach, my mindset coach, my spiritual coach and my business coach! When we first starting working together I remember saying that I was hoping working with you would turbo charge my growth – and it certainly did that.

You have helped me understand myself at a much deeper level, have helped me move through and overcome so many self imposed limitations and helped me heal several wounds from the past, that I continued to carry around with me. I absolutely loved our time together, it was deep, it was transformational and it was also a lot of fun!

You are a ray of light. You provide a sacred space for your clients to feel heard, supported and loved. And even though growth and change gets really uncomfortable your love, passion and authenticity help your clients feel safe and willing to open up. AND you are a fountain of knowledge for all things nutrition and health.

You are amazing and are making a huge difference in so many women’s lives.

Thank you Anna, you rock!

Kirsty x

Allie - 1:1 Client

Allie 1 to 1 client testimonial

“Dear Anna,

I almost don’t know where to start in telling you how my life has changed since I found you in October. I was skeptical about the process and nervous as to where it would take me. Well, from my vantage point here, at the end of our 12 sessions together, I see a world very different from the one I had been living in.

My life hasn’t just changed; it has grown into the life I always wished I had. Twelve weeks ago (is it really only that long?) we managed to get to the bottom of what I really wanted. I thought I wanted to lose weight but what I ultimately wanted was to be happy. Well, I am happy, truly, for the first time in my life.

All the baggage l was carrying around – guilt, sadness, regret, anger, anxiety (as it turns out, a lot of it not even my own) has gone. I have a freedom now that lets me see the best in everything around me and to appreciate my world.

As for weight loss – the thing I thought I wanted – it doesn’t matter. I don’t know if I’ve lost weight because I’ve thrown my scales away, but my clothes are looser, I see my feet rather than my stomach when I look down, and I have all the energy I need. I think my “before and after” picture shows the difference – far more than numbers on a scale would.

I am healthier, fitter, more enthusiastic, more understanding and a better Mum, wife and friend. I look forward to new experiences, l am confident, and I know that I matter. I wake up excited for the day – even in lockdown – and I go to bed happy.

Yes, I put in the work (and I enjoyed every minute of it) but it’s because of you that I was able to. You have given me the tools I need to stay happy, and taught me so much about myself that I know what I need to do.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have given me.

With love,

Allie x

(8-week group programme)

“For the last 10 years I have struggled, lost my way, and really not felt like myself.  I felt like I was on a very unrewarding hamster wheel going round and round with no way to get off: Stressed all the time, tired all the time, and ultimately frazzled because I was throwing every ounce of energy I had into looking after my young family.  I was just ploughing on through, never listening to what my body was telling me.  I used to snack all the time, make unhealthy choices because they were quick and easy, and I’d regularly reach for a glass of wine (or three!) to ‘reward’ myself at the end of the week. I was very self conscious about my body, wouldn’t look at it in the mirror and regularly cried about who I had become – I hardly recognised myself.

Signing up to the Nurture & Nourish course is quite simply the best thing I have ever done.  It is the best money I have ever spent, and I will be eternally grateful to Anna and the other ladies on the course for their love, support and guidance.   I have found my reason for being again,  I have been able to identify what was making me so unhappy and learnt amazing, simple daily practices to love myself again.

The course is so much more than a change in the way you eat. When I signed up, weight loss was my primary motivation but never in a million years did I think that I would learn so much about myself, feel so energetic, change my mindset, my habits, my eating and lose weight all at the same time.  This is so much more than about the food on your plate, although it is utterly delicious and filling.  By focusing on me, on my needs, on what makes me happy rather than restricting what I eat (which made me miserable), I have lost nearly a stone in 5 weeks – a bonus – but most importantly I am truly happy.  I have learnt to love me again – and that is priceless.”

Jenny (8-week group programme)

I dragged myself into September 2020, completely burnt out by a massively pressured job managing a front line team, whilst having a 7 & 8 year old at home, I had experienced twice during the COVID pandemic hitting rock bottom, and not bouncing immediately back, that really scared me.

I am a 43 year old serial dieter, have tried everything under the sun, and nothing worked long term, each time gaining a little more. Since loosing my Mum to Cancer when my youngest was 10 weeks old my weight has spiralled out of control – my gorgeous Mum who always knew when I was not okay was not here – my heart hurt and i turned more than ever to food as an emotional crutch. I hid it very well – have lots of lovely friends and happy children, but there was a huge cavity inside me, and deep self loathing about how i looked and felt, and really valued myself as worthless. I had been given money for my birthday and had no idea what to spend it on – and then an advert came up on my Facebook for Anna’s book, I loved the way she was thinking – I guess all things that I truly believed were true individually – but had never been able to see them as one. Anna’s 8 week course became available to sign up for – and I figured this is something that might help me not to slip any further down the slippery slope than i already was – so i signed up.

That decision that day was the single most powerful and influential decision I have made in my whole life, Anna has taught me to be kind to myself, has taught me to understand the reasons behind why i have needed food for a crutch, and then given me the tools to find new ways. It has at times been painful, there have been tears, but also so much more joy in my life. I absolutely love the Plant based eating which filled me with dread before starting the course, my taste buds have changed, I enjoy eating until i am not quite full, the recipes are absolutely delicious and i have lost 13.5lbs to date; if you asked me before starting the course what my main goals were it would have been to loose weight – but I have gained so much more than that – I have learned what is really important is to be kind to myself and love and value myself – I look forward to finding what my natural happy weight is – but I no longer care what the scales so – just a happy healthy weight is fine by me. Physically my joints don’t ache any more and i have so much more energy.

I can not recommend this course highly enough – it has literally been life changing for me, every single person deserves to feel what I feel – and it is possible for everyone with the right tools to get there.

Ali from York (8-week group programme)

“Being able to zip your coat up might not seem a big deal to most people but to me it was massive and put a huge smile on my face.  After struggling and yo yo-ing with weight my whole life I didn’t expect much to change when I clicked on Anna’s post on Facebook.  I couldn’t have been more wrong…

I honestly thought my body was somehow broken and would never function in the way a thin person’s would and that I would always have a difficult relationship with food and my body. Yet reading Anna’s words completely resonated with me and her gentleness of approach touched my heart.  She has not only managed to take me off the sugar rollercoaster, leaving me no longer craving chocolate, sweets, crisps etc (something I would have previously thought impossible) but she has also guided me to truly appreciate myself and my amazing body.  As someone who lived on energy drinks and still felt tired most of the time it feels amazing to have so much vitality and energy without the caffeine.

I have lost 13lbs in the 5 weeks since discovering Anna but the weight loss feels almost secondary.  To no longer feel stuck in the way I did and for my head, body and soul to now feel totally connected and at peace is priceless. I have so much more confidence, things feel easier and every relationship in my life now feels better. I know wholeheartedly that this will be a lifelong change and it has truly not felt a difficult one to make. Discovering Anna has been the best thing for me and her main motivation – to make women feel amazing about themselves is simply beautiful.” 


“Hi Anna, I am just messaging you to tell you that I am on day 8. I am amazed at the week I have just had. I have not binged/overeaten in 8 days and I haven’t even wanted to.

I feel fantastic.

I’m loving the meals and I know I’m caring for my body in a way it do needs.

Also another surprise has been that I lost 7 pound! In the past my body doesn’t let go of weight very well and I’m lucky if I lose a pound or two during the first week so I’m happy.

I am not concentrating on the numbers on the scales but on how my body feels and the progress I’m making by loving myself. I can’t wait to go through the next weeks.

Thank you so much.”


“So… my favourite spiritual & nutritional coach!! Not only are you a blessing for my health and well being but you’ve also given me a much needed kick up the bum!

So all in all…I love you! 😜

You are helping so much. As we first started working together I felt that you were going to be an integrator – someone that was going to bring together everything I’ve learned and turn charge all the inner work I’ve been doing.

I wasn’t wrong – you’re having a huge impact and I feel like I’m changing and growing quickly – and letting myself catch up with everything I’ve learned.”

Lesley. B

“I thought I would send you a message you. I am very grateful to have come into contact with you.

Now I focus on myself as a whole person. I focus on my health and generally eat plant based, there is an occasional ice cream or bit of cake, but I accept that.

I have been doing some Buddist courses and am moving towards a meditation practice. I love to walk outdoors. I feel so much better as a person and in myself. I read about health and listen to Podcasts about it.

I really like eating in a different way and am steering my family to eat less meat. Eating plant based for 30 days really set me on the path. My Osteoarthritis is so much better, I feel so much more peaceful. I am moving my whole life into alignment.

Enjoy your birthday. Thank you very much. Thank you for re-opening the Facebook group. I particularly like your video posts.”

Anne Windebank

“I found Anna on Facebook by accident, or now I come to think of it, perhaps fate had something to do with it! After struggling for years with alcohol issues, food and low self-esteem, I would go so far as to say I had a deeply unhealthy relationship with myself, I certainly didn’t like me very much. I remember when we began our work, I was terrified. I was fearful of so many things – could Anna really help me, would this work? I wasn’t sure I had done the right thing – now I understand that sometimes the scariest things are the best decisions we can ever make.

I used food to fill a hole, I ate ice cream, sugar, I drank a lot of coke and it left me feeling sad and lethargic. I realise now I was living a lie – I was covering up the emptiness I felt within, but I didn’t know how else to fill it. I now know to fill it with love.

Since working with Anna very closely over the last 8 months I can say I have gained more confidence than I ever thought possible. I never weigh myself because it doesn’t matter – I feel fantastic!!

My joints don’t hurt anymore, I walk for miles, I have so much gratitude for the simple things which I used to miss. I never thought I would find this sense of freedom. I recently said to Anna ‘I feel like a gazelle’ – I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been at 55.

This is not a diet.

I have done every diet ever possible. This is a change in lifestyle. This is a change in the way I think, move, eat and nurture and nourish myself. People keep asking me what diet I am doing and I simply say, ‘I am looking after myself – it is as simple as that’. I just didn’t realise it needed to come from a place of love.

Anna has guided me back to myself and now it feels so easy and life feels wonderful. I would love to think that other people could feel this way – I have wasted so much time. I have energy and time for my family, I adore being with my grandchildren. Life feels very special and I am finally happy.

I can’t thank Anna enough. Give it a go, that is all I can say, speak to her – I wish I had 20 years ago.”


“I like myself, I feel so much more comfortable with who I am, I have never felt like this before, for the first time in my life I don’t care what others think – I care what I think and that is all that matters. I used to wear black, now I am wearing colour – it feels so great.”


“I was in a disastrous rut. I said yes to everything people asked of me and I never seemed to be able to do enough to make everyone happy. I had yo-yo dieted for years and I was obsessive about going on the scales.
Since working with Anna and for the first time in 45 years, I put myself first and I have found a whole new sense of peace. I have learned that I have to look after me and I have tools to do that. I have finally stopped caring about the numbers on the scales. It is a whole new world.”

Karen Knowles

“When I started my sessions I was in debt, in a bad place in my relationship. Unfocused in life and diet.
I can honestly say that working with Anna has changed my life in so many ways. I found out so much out about myself that I didn’t know and I now have the tools to walk my path with confidence!”

Julie Morgan

“Anna put me immediately at ease, she was non-judgemental, caring and kind.
With Anna’s careful guidance I addressed lots of issues in my life which had been buried for many years.
What Anna did in six weeks is magical!”

Desislava Stoeva

“My 6 sessions with Anna were a real eye opener. She helped me identify what I wanted and why I wanted it. By answering her questions truthfully I was able to let go of my anxiety and look at myself in a different light. Understanding my behaviour and my feelings has been fundamentially life changing but this was only possible with Anna’s tremendous guidance and support.”


“I have the ability to make a difference in my life and it’s me that can make the change. It’s not anything external. I’ve got everything here right now to make things the best they can be. These 6 months have given me hope that life is better than I thought and will continue to get better and better. Thank you so much – you have been very lovely.”

I lost Half a Stone, No Cravings!

“I signed up to Anna’s Reset and am thrilled I did. Over half a stone down now and so much energy, no cravings, and easy to follow recipes with very tasty food. Chuffed to bits with the results, people keep asking what I’m doing ‘cos I’m bouncing according to a friend :). I’ll be staying whole food plant based way if eating, and with Anna’s vast knowledge and great support know I’ve got this! Sharing in the group and the weekly group coaching was a huge part of why I feel it was such a success for me.”


“A very big thank you to Anna Anderson. I participated in the Reset and through the coaching and the amazing recipes and food plans that she has put together, I have not only been introduced to delicious plant-based and dairy free food, I have also lost 7.5lbs in weight without even trying! This means that my clothes feel more comfortable, I am much more confident in my own skin, I have much more energy and focus and I am no longer craving sweets, cakes, biscuits and sugary drinks. 

With Anna’s guidance I have become much more aware of what goes into processed foods, preservatives, added sugars, etc. and how they can have a long-term impact on our bodies. So my mindset and attitude to food has completely changed in just 4 weeks. 
I have also met some amazing women on the same journey and it’s been great that we have been able to share our experiences together. 
So Anna, thank you again for showing me a better, much more enjoyable way of nourishing my body for the long term. Love Sue xxx”

I lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks!

“Thank you Anna, for the different body & mindset I’ve got. I feel tremendous, one coffee instead of 7, less time in kitchen. Doing gym Pilates, kettle bells, Zumba & aqua because of increased energy levels, as a big bonus I’ve lost 9lbs in 3 weeks. I am certainly going to carry on with the knowledge you have given me. I can’t thank you enough xx”

I've Lost 8 Pounds & I Feel So Healthy

“Would like to say a massive thank you to Anna!

So pleased to have nearly completed the Challenge ❤️ I’m thrilled to be 8lb down – I’ve learned so much here’s just a few things:

  • When we do crave food (and we know we’ve eaten good nutritionally balanced meals) I’ve learned there’s usually some other emotion that needs attention.
  • When we love ourselves, value who we are, appreciate our amazing qualities- we don’t want to put rubbish into our bodies.
  • Eating plant based whole foods is not boring but delicious with endless choices and combinations.
  • I’ve learned that having a choice rather than being deprived is hugely empowering.

I’ve done a lot of reading and what I know now I can’t unknow! 😊

I know that I want to be the best healthiest version of me! So Thank you Anna this has been massively rewarding and I’ll be carrying on my journey xxx

The Cravings are GONE!

“I’ve only just realised I’ve mostly stopped craving sweet things and a lot of unhealthy things! I don’t frantically binge anymore. I think it’s mainly because my blood sugar is far more stable and my body is getting what it needs plus I’m recognising when I do want something like chocolate or alcohol it’s to plug an emotional gap! I’m so pleased with myself and thankful for you Anna and all the ladies in this group 😁 I’d still like to drink less or even no alcohol! The journey continues”

I've Made Myself a Priority Thanks to Anna

“Hi Anna, You guided me nutritionally. You encouraged me to make time for me, including taking time to meditate, access the calm app, go to bed earlier, say no when I need to. To Make self care a priority . You helped me to dig really deep , and question myself on why I felt that I am not a good person and worthy of happiness and compliments! You inspired me and I loved our Friday chats which always left me buzzing with positivity. The support to write down my goals, make a plan and weekly chats to keep me focussed on it helped me succeed.

I Have Re-Claimed ME

“So for me, it was like having the best friend I needed at that time who had answers that my own best friend couldn’t provide (I could speak to her but she didn’t understand why I was feeling like I was).

I am not sure if you remember but when I called you it was a choice between speaking to you or contacting a Counsellor (mental health). I wasn’t happy, I was overweight and I didn’t feel worthy of anything which was why I was in the “relationship” I was. So you were my satellite navigation person.

You guided me through my own thought processes and I ended up at the right destination – loving me. You always believed that in me, you told me I was amazing and awesome and even though I saw myself totally differently to the way anyone else saw me, including you at the beginning you have guided me and gradually I have started to reclaim me with your help but through my own heart. I have a better relationship with my family, especially mum (because of you). But more importantly I have a better relationship with ME!

I also loved our chats on a Friday evening, you gave me purpose and I was always so full of positivity and purpose after we spoke, I miss our chats still. You didn’t tell me what to do but you did guide me to my own answers. You did teach me to believe in myself, to eat properly (via the food plans, which I still use – love the recipes and being plant based), to love myself and to be kind to others. I even loved doing my homework (my school-teachers would have been amazed 🤣). One of the best things you said to me was that I was a work in progress and that there was no quick fix. Now I understand that I know that I won’t fail because there is no failure only straying off the path and using what you taught me to find my way back on it (like a sat nav).

I found you motivational, kind, gentle inspirational and a really good friend. I look forward to meeting you in person one day. I wish you all the love in the world and I cannot really see how you hope to improve but I guess there is room in all of us x”


“I kept thinking ‘I will do that when I am thinner, I will buy clothes when I am thinner’. I put my life on hold. I thought things would get better when I could lose some weight and didn’t really feel like I was living properly to be honest, I was just existing and going through the motions.

After completing Anna’s programme I feel like I know exactly what I need to do now and that the things I am doing are working, I am seeing the results. I feel happy, I feel confident in clothes, I am starting to wear things that I haven’t worn for years and I am feeling good in the way I look. have learnt that I am an empowered woman and I can make these changes and make my life better and it hasn’t been that difficult to do it.

I am 50 this year and I know life is so short and I am living every day now and looking after my body which has served me so well. I love my body now and I am grateful to it and now I am looking after it.

Jane McGuire

“I didn’t like myself. I felt guilty that I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do to help my daughter with her son. I didn’t like what I had let myself become and I didn’t like what I had let myself become. Life was too hard.

My whole life has changed, and I can’t believe how easy it was. It has literally embedded into my life. I love the mornings, I make time for myself, I love getting up in the morning, I love my time to begin my day, I love my smoothies.

It was never about weight for me, it was about how I felt and now I feel like I am shining on the inside. My hair is glowing, my skin is glowing and that is how I feel on the inside.

I am in tune with myself, I can listen to myself and trust myself rather than be stuck in self-doubt I can trust the things I tell myself; I can trust my body. I am much more open to other people; I am much more confident in myself.

Getting in touch with you is the best thing I have done for me, for my health, for my family, for my grandchildren. The best thing I have done in such a long-time, get off that fence and give you a call.

She is an angel to guide us under her wings, you can trust her, don’t be afraid.


“I’m surprised that I’ve been cooking again! In the eight weeks of the program I’ve cooked more than I’ve probably have cooked in the last eight years, and started enjoying food again.

Since going through the program, it’s given me the confidence to sign up for other programs locally where I’m meeting more mums and enjoying doing that. I went on a single parents night out when I didn’t know anybody at all, and I have finally put myself back out there and actually have a date this weekend!

I feel really positive now about the future, for the first time in a long time…

I’ve definitely felt like I have more patience with the children, and actually we’ve done a lot more cooking together.

The biggest thing that has been the most motivating and helpful is the calls to support to me. You gave me the real kind of motivation and positivity, and having somebody say such nice things to me had a massive effect on me, because being a single parent with children I didn’t have any adult connection, and certainly not with someone as positive and motivating as you, Anna.


“It’s not just a program about food; is not just a program about weight, or your size or your shape or your body; it’s everything. It impacts every part of your life. I feel like I’ve been a better Mum, I’ve been a better friend, I’ve been a better daughter to my parents, and I feel better in myself.

It wasn’t so much about losing weight for me, it was more about my well-being. My energy levels are up, and I just feel really positive and confident. For me I think those things are far more important than my weight.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and you’ve got an awful lot to gain.


“I have reached my goal Anna Anderson!

I’d wanted to lose 7-10lbs for over a year but it just wasn’t shifting. I thought I ate healthily and I did yoga twice a week and I commute by bike so I couldn’t understand it. It really got me down.

I knew I wanted to balance up my diet because I was under-eating during the day then bingeing in the evenings but I didn’t think my diet was that bad despite the fact I was starving after my dinner!

I was scared to eat during the day in case I still binged at night. So although I ate lots of veggies, I also ate loads of bread, dairy and sugar to fill up.

I started Anna’s eating plan in early January. She got me eating a nice big bowl of porridge with fruit, flaxseed and chia seed in the mornings, a big lunch of fresh veggies/salad and pulses/grains and a delicious dinner (they felt big to me compared to eating barely anything for breakfast and lunch!).

I eat so much more than I used to but I’ve lost 8lbs!

I feel so energised. My cravings and hunger have gone! I’m wearing clothes which were gathering dust in my wardrobe.

Ironically, my weight doesn’t bother me much now – I just love feeling lighter and so energetic. I’ve not cut out dairy completely but have cut it down by at least 80%. I barely eat bread any more. I still have fish or chicken occasionally but have reduced this too.

I had already given up alcohol and Anna encouraged me to give up caffeine which I did. That has made me feel much calmer and in control. I have learned so much about how to nourish myself properly.

Thank you so much Anna.


“My biggest challenge was that I was an emotional eater and whenever anything went wrong or even when things when right, I would binge eat.

When I started off I thought, how am I going to do this? It is scary, I am not going to be able to eat anything and I couldn’t have been more wrong. It has changed my life more than I could imagine.

I didn’t think a couple of stone would be possible and now here I am 25lbs down.

One thing that occurs to me is that there are so many people that need this, that want to do this, but it is about taking the first scary step, to call you, to put the stake in the ground and decide it is time to make change that is sometimes the hardest.

Jo P

“I have lost 7 stone since we started working together 11 months ago


“On reading an interesting article in The Daily Telegraph during Lockdown about a client of Anna’s, I made contact with Anna that evening after finding her on Instagram. I wasn’t quite sure how the process would produce weight loss, but it didn’t matter as it had been my overriding focus for all of my adult life. As it was a well-trodden path I was ready for the next ‘diet’ programme that I assumed would sit comfortably alongside my other diet subscriptions and my unhealthy daily weighing-in routine.

This is not a diet, this is a change of diet and a journey of awakening.

At the beginning, I wasn’t sure how to adapt to and handle making time to become positively introspective, after all, who knows what it would throw up? It threw up positives, ideas, solutions and can-do thoughts whilst pushing away negatives, calorie counting and a constant exhausting internal dialogue of guilt and shame.

At our weekly sessions, Anna steered me away from my never-ending focus and worries about my weight and not achieving the pound loss that was heavily placed as my top goal. We focused on how to look after me, my health, my thoughts, my needs and my happiness. Week twelve has arrived and I won’t weigh myself because I don’t need to.

The journey I have embarked on has given me the most amazing freedom and a level of self-confidence I never imagined I could possess. What I now recognise as key important factors are my feeling of self-worth, contentment and happiness. I only need look in the mirror to see what I have achieved and I’m delighted with it, so I certainly don’t need to hand back that control to a set of scales.

I’m so thrilled to be in a position of strength and awareness, knowing I can offer my body the love it needs and deserves through the right foods, self-love, some daily yoga plus time to make considered and weighted decisions. I’m so grateful to Anna who has gifted me my very own toolbox to dip into in order to continue growing.

My only regret? I didn’t discover Anna sooner. Thank you, Anna. Xx

Empowered Motivation. Massive Transformation.

Stop the sabotaging cycle of dieting and binging and experience the transformative power of endless self-love.