Empowered Women Empower Women

Fill Your Audience With An Overflowing Cup Of Self-Love

“I can really say I love myself...maybe for the very first time.”

--Amanda M.

Warm, lively and dynamic, Anna Anderson is a women’s Transformational Coach and sought-after speaker. Through her work, she’s passionately helped hundreds of women escape the self-sabotage of today’s toxic diet culture and create a life and body they love.

From a struggling single mom to a thriving health and lifestyle coach, Anna’s courage and action have inspired women worldwide to destroy their patterns of negative self-beliefs, build better habits and realise their beauty and worth.

As the Founder and Creator of Nurture and Nourish with Anna Anderson, she helps women nourish their souls after years of running on empty, nurturing everyone else. Anna’s powerful personal journey and expertise guide women back to their authentically beautiful selves, with a simple but effective blueprint to empowering self-love.

Anna’s extraordinary story of transformation and her clients’ successes are the inspiration behind her work. From being broke, overwhelmed and alone to guiding countless women to confidence, joy and abundance, her message teaches women that they can do the same as the amazing people they already are.

Topics of Expertise

Anna speaks about:

Women’s Health, Wellness and Body Image:

  • Why dieting is toxic, doesn’t work and does more harm than good
  • How to get rid of negative eating habits, damaged body image and love your body-- even if you’re not happy with it!
  • How to break free from negative self-beliefs that steal your energy and trigger the destructive cycle of yo-yo dieting, binging, and restricting
  • Tips to treat your body well and feel sexy in the skin you’re in right now

Behaviour Change Coaching

  • Why women put off the decision to create their dream life when the opportunity is right in front of them
  • Why we engage in destructive behaviours even when we know they hurt us
  • Tools to create life-long change-- even with sticky, negative habits
  • Tips to achieving your health goals, shedding the extra weight and keeping it off for the rest of your life

Women’s Empowerment And Self-Love

  • How to stop judging yourself, worrying about what others think, and live the life you really want
  • Cup-fillers and Cup-leakers-- why your nurturing nature can sabotage your life
  • Tips on falling in love with yourself exactly as you are-- flaws and all!
  • Toxic diet culture, impossible beauty standards, the “Superwoman” Myth and the devastating effects of mainstream media on women
  • Why so many women struggle with confidence and how to feel sexy and vibrant no matter what life throws your way

Empowered Motivation. Massive Transformation.

Stop the sabotaging cycle of dieting and binging and experience the transformative power of endless self-love.