Shift your focus from calories to nutrients

I was talking to a lady the other day, she was telling me how she has been struggling with her weight for 25 years. She had tried every diet under the sun.

  • Injections
  • Tablets
  • Starving herself
  • Weight Watchers
  • Slimming World
  • Cabbage Soup
  • Keto

Everything. In fact – she started something new every day. Nothing had worked. She had been getting heavier and heavier and sadder and sadder. The endless thoughts of food and guilt and shame took over more of her day than anything else. She was tired.

In fact, she was exhausted.

It was impacting her relationship, her career, her parenting, her confidence. Her whole life. I asked her what she ate. She said.  Honestly – not much.  I think I am pretty healthy.  I eat Weetabix or Yoghurt for breakfast, salad or a sandwich for lunch, I eat low fat or low-calorie snacks and fish and vegetables for dinner. I asked her why she ate.

She looked confused and asked what I meant.  So I explained.

I said…

’You are eating to lose weight. That will never work because your body isn’t designed that way.  Your body is starving for nutrients so it is holding weight (energy) for you.  It is trying to take care of you based on the information it is receiving through the food you are giving it and the thoughts you have about it’.

A look of surprise washed over her face and she said ‘that is exactly what is happening’.


If it came in a packet from a factory it is highly unlikely it is good for you. I have zero interest in calories.  I am interested in the vitality of your cells and the nutrients your body is getting. It doesn’t matter how many calories you eat.  If you eat rubbish, your body will feel rubbish. Diet mentality has such deep and damaging conditioning in a woman’s psyche that we get disconnected from the truth.

So here it is:

You live in a remarkable machine.  Every day it shows up for you.  Every day it does millions of tasks FOR you.  Every day it kills viruses, bacteria, removes toxins and keeps you alive.

Your body is doing the VERY best it can based on how you treat it.  It WANTS you to be a healthy weight.  If you restrict it, it will hold weight for you because it believes you are starving.

What if….instead of counting calories you decide to nourish the amazing machine you live in.

What if you stopped eating to lose eight and you started eating to nourish yourself instead?

What if your focus shifted from calories to nutrients.  From hate to love.  From can’t to can.  From rushing, snacking and stress to blood sugar balance and calm?

What if…you made friends with your body and gave it what it is desperate for so that it could let go of weight because it is getting what it needs?

Your body will lose weight when you love it.  Your body will lose weight when you love yourself.

The real truth is that you are lovely and you live in a lovely body that loves you.

It is waiting for you to love it back.

What would happen if you did?

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