The Warrior Journals

Love bomb your life
With Susie Maguire

Riding the Wave of Resilience
with Steve Judge

Finding herself through cancer
With Kat Vitou

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
with Katherine Wilsher

We are not defined by what knocks us down.
We are defined by how we get back up
with Madeline Black

The Astonishing Power of Choice
with Lis Cashin

Welcome to The Warrior Journals:

Anna’s story

Love for The Warrior Journals

Emma Wood

“I’ve been listening to your Warrior Journals Podcast on long walks. What medicine! If anyone hasn’t given them a try yet, I’d encourage you to! If you’re a fan of Elizabeth Day’s How to Fail or Brene’s Unlocking Us, you’ll love the Warrior Journals.”

Lorrie Grisnik Anderson

“Just finished listening to this interview. Lis’s story was mesmerising and awe-inspiring. So glad I listened to this. You are doing an excellent job! Looking forward to more journals XOXOXO”