One Simple Question to Achieve a Healthy Balanced Diet for Good

I was on the radio again last night and we were talking about how food impacts sleep and the subject of Easter eggs came up! 

People are often surprised to hear me say I don’t believe in diets – eat the eggs! 

As a health coach – it seems like a mixed message.

But my approach is different. 

It is the anti-diet approach.  And it works! 

Everything I teach is about feeling good in your mind, body and spirit. 

My teaching is one of love and it gets results because your relationship with food is merely a symptom of the relationship you have with yourself. 

By listening to what you are really asking for when you want to eat you will find interesting answers.  

Dieting creates an obsessive mindset – focused on weight, calories, counting, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods and guilt and shame. 

My approach is to scrap all of that noise and to heal at a much deeper level.

One of the reasons many women struggle with eating is that they are so brilliant at taking care of everyone else, they have forgotten to put their own needs on their to-do list.  Food brings comfort to fill that gap. 

Instead of dieting and taking away that comfort, it makes much more sense to listen and ask yourself what you really need.

What do I need to feel nurtured right now?’ is a powerful question.

Nine times out of ten – you don’t want to eat foods that make you feel rubbish, yet sometimes there is great pleasure in them. Both of these are OK but consistently making choices that harm your body is not what you want.

Your job is to identify what you really want and to fulfil that simply by asking yourself…is this going to make me feel good?

This kind and gentle way creates a sustainable relationship with yourself and food.
It is not about wanting it and not letting yourself have it – that is miserable and unsustainable. 

It is about being able to have it and not wanting it.  And if you do have it, enjoying it.  That is an intuitive and empowered way and it creates freedom.

Freedom comes from consistently making joyful decisions which make you feel good. 

What do you think? Could you use this method to help you make healthy choices? 
Let me know.

Sending love,

Anna xx
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