Nurture and Nourish podcast with Anna Anderson Guest Sedruloa Maruska

Working authentically towards a more equal world, with Sedruloa Maruska

In this episode Anna shares a heartfelt and illuminating conversation with inspiring coach Sedruola N Maruska. They talk about Sedie’s incredible work speaking and working with organisations who are authentically striving to address racism and social injustice. Sedie’s own journey stems from difficult experiences – the cancer recovery that triggered her move into more meaningful work. She found herself reconnecting with an event much earlier in her life, a deep loss that she trained herself to bury beneath guilt and shame.

In this episode:

  • ‘It didn’t come to kill me’ – how Sedie was driven to take action by her illness
  • The moment in her training when she learned her decades-old grief was a huge part of her story
  • Anna’s own drive to address and educate herself on racism, and fears about misstepping
  • How to have a constructive conversation about addressing inequality
  • What action to address social justice means on an individual level

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More about Sedruloa Maruska

Sedruola Maruska is a speaker, business consultant and personal discovery coach on a mission to help businesses cultivate cultures of equity and inclusion that lead to social justice and more diversity. She’s the host of the Diversity Dish podcast where she talks to guest about their lived experiences with social and racial inequities. Shes also the founder of the Discovery Den group where she coaches individuals, and entrepreneurs on social justice issues.

Sedruola is a second-generation Haitian-American who prides herself on having an amazing extended family and being a citizen of the world born in Queens, New York

Quotes from this episode:

On authentically seeking social justice:

A lot of people spend time pontificating, but not communicating. We think the thoughts; we put them out there; but we don’t really feel open to the ideas that may challenge those thoughts, ideas and feelings… or what we’ve internalized along our journey.

A lot is changing, but what I want is for us to become complacent. So, okay, great, we’re all talking about it. But what are we doing about it?


​​People have sometimes the best of intentions, but when someone pushes back …they feel like someone is saying that they’re not a good person. But that person is saying, that’s not what I need right now. What I need right now is this.

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