Practical but powerful approaches to self-care with Rachel Letham

If you’re not someone who drinks green smoothies and has a daily yoga practice, is ‘self-care’ out of reach for you? In this episode Anna speaks with the perfect person to answer this question: success coach Rachel Letham, whose first yoga class (including chanting and a giant gong) was a shock to the system! When Rachel hit burnout via a high-stress job, she had to look for her version of self-care, and eventually discovered a love of affirmations, and a seasonal approach to movement for her wellbeing. Along the way she learned to embrace her softer, more intuitive side (without taking away any of the fire or focus she had before).

In this episode:

  • Specific practical approaches to what self-care can look like for different people
  • Free tools for self-care we all have at our disposal 24/7
  • What a ‘joy jar’ is, and how to use one
  • The simple secret to the ‘soul’ part of caring for mind, body and soul (even if you’re not spiritual)
  • Why you should work with the seasons when thinking about self-care
  • How to use affirmations and why they work so well (even if you feel silly at first)

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More about Rachel Letham

Rachel Letham is a success coach working with successful yet stuck women and corporate teams.

Rachel helps clients build a positive mindset for success, gaining clarity in their direction and purpose in their business or career. Working with women who are already on their personal development journey but need help getting unstuck, boosting their wellbeing, and feeling more supported on their journey. Her debut book, Self Care for the Seasons launched in 2020 in ebook with a supporting workbook of practical yet engaging strategies to help you bring self-care into your day-to-day life.

From this episode:


On being intuitive about exercise:

Sometimes I’ll be like, you know what, I don’t think I should do a spin workout, I don’t think I should get my heart rate going, I don’t think I should raise my cortisol levels. Actually, I want to do a stretch. Or maybe I want to go for a long walk. Tapping into what I need in that moment, being quite forgiving… Give yourself a bit of grace and space and just try to have movement in your day.

On the power of practicing affirmations:

I now tend to have a positive mindset. I’ve used them so much that sometimes those phrases just come to me naturally, I don’t have to really actively practice them. The more you do it, the more you build it up.

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Self-care For The Seasons