How often do you weigh yourself?

Many women I know weigh themselves on a daily basis. I used to be the same.

Stepping on that step everyday, hoping for the number to be less than the day before.  Or moving them into different rooms to get a better result – have you done that too?!

If it was what I wanted it would give me confidence for the day.

If it wasn’t…I would become overwhelmed with shame and feel down.

The day would be labeled a ‘fat’ day and I would hide behind baggy clothes and feel frumpy.

As I write this it makes me so sad. The years I wasted. And I know SO many women still do this. It is like we are a slave to the number on the scales.

As women we are conditioned through our whole lives  to believe that our worth is defined by a number on the scales.

How could that ever be true?

How can the unique, incredible, individual that you are be defined by a number?  When you think about it like that – it is crazy right?

Instead of stepping on those scales everyday, I challenge you to this instead.

Throw them away.

The day I threw my scales away was one of the most liberating days of my life. I have ZERO idea what I weigh now and I am the slimmest I have have been – that says it all right?!

Weighing yourself days not make you thinner.

I challenge you to liberate yourself from the shrouds of conditioning that prevent you from shining your light in the world.

The freedom you seek does not come from a number on the scales. 

It comes from a deep and loving acceptance of yourself.

The number will never give you what you are looking for.

What if you decided to simply love who you are everyday?

To notice the things that are fabulous about you (because there are many).

To be kind to yourself just like you would to be to someone else.

You are so much more than a number.

Now is your time let go of old conditioning and move into your true power.

Now is your time to shine.

Throw those scales away and begin your journey of self-discovery.

Are you ready?

Just do it, now is your time. 

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