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Hi, I’m Anna Anderson, an Entrepreneur and Transformational Coach.

And nothing brings me more joy than helping women to fully embrace their greatness. As a certified health, life and personal development coach, I’ve helped hundreds of women smash the destructive cycle of dieting and self-sabotage, and create the healthy, gorgeous life (and bodies) they deserve.

As a mum and wife myself, I understand how we nurture everyone around us, leaving ourselves for last– or not at all. Time and again I see women with their energy tank at zero, losing sight of who and how amazing they are simply because they haven’t spent time on themselves for years.

Combine that with today’s toxic dieting culture, impossible beauty standards and the pressure to be ‘superwomen,’ we get stuck in a rut of destructive patterns, losing connection with who we are.

That’s why you might’ve forgotten that you’re important. You’re cherished and beautiful, and fully worthy of a nurtured and nourished soul.

“I feel mentally clearer, I have less anxiety, I’m sleeping better, And I’ve lost over a stone in weight! I’m not having headaches every day, I’m not as stressed as I was, and I really feel that this is something I can maintain. I’m so excited! If this is what I can achieve with Anna’s help in just 8 weeks…what can I achieve in a few months?!”
— Claire B.

Through group programs and one-on-one coaching, I use my training in nutrition, women’s wellness, and mindset mastery to gently guide you back to yourself, so you’re SELFULL with overflowing self-love.

I’m the Creator of High Vybe, a brand-new membership for women which hands you everything you need for your well-being – all within a single, safe online community.


I’m also the Founder of Nurture and Nourish with Anna Anderson, for women to understand and realise that they’re fabulous, worthy, and capable of being 100% happy and healthy just as they are. Join us! We’d love to have you.

I don’t tell you what to eat or how to cut calories– I help you experience a fundamental shift in your attitudes and beliefs, creating a positive, life-changing impact.

From losing pounds to embracing what makes you unique, you’ll learn to adore yourself as the imperfectly perfect, beautifully authentic woman you are, and step into a life and body you love.

Lose Weight. Feel Fabulous. Reset Your Health For Good.

Stop the destructive cycle of toxic dieting.

Join a loving community of women and get the support, wisdom and advice you need for the epic transformation you’ve always imagined.

My personal story.

The Cycle Begins: Binge. Guilt. Shame. Rinse and Repeat.

Life transformation wasn’t always my passion. As a woman, I’ve spent years putting myself last and neglecting my health. Like most women, I wasn’t at the bottom of my priority list– I wasn’t on the list at all.

For most of my twenties I was single, working a corporate job, and everything looked great on the outside.

But on the inside, I was spiralling out of control. For years, I had partied hard. Throughout my teens and 20s, I was the first to suggest drinks and often the last one standing. I didn’t know it then, but I was using alcohol, food and bad relationships to cope with parts of me I hadn’t figured out yet.

Then, at 28 I became a single Mum and things needed to change fast but I didn’t have any of the tools to know how. I was lonely and tired and I used food to fill a hole. That’s when the binging and restricting got out of hand. And not just with food– on the weekends my son spent with his father, I’d drink to fill the loneliness. Or I’d spend all my money on silly things; anything to numb the pain and fill the growing hole inside.

I avoided the mirror. I hated my body. I judged myself and hid my insecurities under oversized clothes. I was deeply unhappy but I didn’t have the answers I needed to feel better.

No matter how much willpower I had, the cycle of sabotage wouldn’t stop. And with the confusing messages from mainstream media, I constantly punished myself, believing I wasn’t enough.

The Best Gifts Come In Prickly Packaging

There was one day, so clear in my mind where I hit rock bottom. I was sick and tired of feeling this way and something whispered to me ‘it is time to change – start with loving who you are’.

This incredibly difficult period in my life became my most precious gift– the path back to my power and authentic self. It gave me courage, strength and a deep understanding of how to take care of ourselves in body, mind and soul. It has to start from within.

Slowly, I started doing things to replenish my body. I learned and taught yoga. I began meditating, breaking negative patterns, therapy, coaching and tweaking my mindset. I started nourishing my body with the delicious food it needs. And I stopped denying my soul what it truly craved. My cup started filling up from the inside.

What’s Your Secret?

That’s when my life took a quantum jump forward in health and happiness.

I began feeling incredible! Because I didn’t need food, drink or a new jumper to stuff the hole inside, the yo-yo dieting stopped. My body balanced itself and the extra weight naturally fell off. For the first time in my life, my cup was overflowing with health, joy and abundance. I was SELFULL.

That’s when the women in my life began noticing the changes in me and wanted to know my secret. Guiding them with the same tools and processes I used on myself, they started feeling better than they had in years.

They lost weight, slept better and had more energy. Their confidence soared! Excited, watching their transformations became my passion, and it motivated me to take every nutrition, wellness and coaching class I could.

Now, I help women all over the world destroy the destructive patterns that are ruling their lives, build healthy habits and embrace their beautiful selves.

Shed What’s Weighing You Down And Uplift Your Life With Self-Love

If you’re struggling with the effects of today’s toxic diet culture, impossible beauty standards or the pressure to be a woman who “does it all,” please let it go. You are so very precious and you can’t give anything from an empty cup.

As someone who’s spent years using all of the wrong things to feel better, I’ve learned how hard it can be to find your power and unapologetically rise as your authentic self.

But the truth is you’re unique. You’re the only person like you in the entire universe. No one ever has or ever will be like you again. You’re a miracle! You’re worthy of deep-rooted joy, love, abundance and peace. You deserve to be in love with yourself, your health and your life.

And that goes way deeper than what you eat. Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Whole30 or Whole300, it doesn’t matter. It’s about healing within and rekindling the relationship with the love of your life: YOURSELF.

Because you’re amazing just as you are and your fabulous life is waiting…

But nothing will change until you take the first step to self-love.

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