A monthly meeting with my husband [+ 8 questions for you]

I believe to be happy in mind, body and soul – we must ask powerful questions of ourselves and in return, be truly honest with our response.

What do we want?  What makes us happy? What actions are we taking to make those things happen?  

I believe that when we are out of balance in life; an unhappy relationship with food can come into play – food temporarily fills the pain of not feeling fulfilled in our external world.

That is why I teach women to look at life from a Primary and Secondary Food perspective.

How do we nourish ourselves BOTH on and off our plates?  

If one is out of balance….most likely, the other is too.

Women tend to be exceptional at nourishing others but forget themselves…right?!

If you are not happy with how you are eating, there is more than likely a bigger reason behind it.  Food is never the cause, it is the symptom.

To be happy, we have to have discipline.  We have to be honest.  

That is why my husband and I have a monthly meeting.

When we married we said, good wasn’t OK…we knew we wanted exceptional and we knew it would take work, focus and discipline.

So once a month we have a meeting.  We go away from our home and talk about our Six Life Pillars;

  • Our Relationship
  • Our Family
  • Our Careers
  • Our Service and Contribution to Others
  • Our Self – health, growth and wellbeing
  • Our Fun and Adventure
 We discuss each area, we get honest, we hold each other accountable and we set focus and intentions for the month ahead.
Honestly…sometimes I don’t want to go. Or I could use the time for something else.
But we committed to each other to keep our relationship and lives in shape.
I share this with you because I believe we have to have discipline and commitment to create the life we want and to be joyful.
Here are eight powerful questions to help you identify what needs focus in your life:
  1. Are there areas in your life that you are settling and could raise your standards?
  2. What are you no longer prepared to accept?
  3. What do you really want?
  4. Where in your life is there space for you to move from good to exceptional?
  5. Where are you not being honest?
  6. Where could you do more of what you know you keep saying you ‘should’ do?
  7. Where could you demonstrate more discipline?
  8. How are you nourishing yourself in both primary and secondary food?  

This week have a think about what areas of your life need your attention and how you could nourish yourself more deeply OFF your plate.

Life is short. Make it exceptional.

You’ve got this!
Love, Anna x

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