A call to look within

About 6 months ago I woke up at 3am and felt a calling to get on my meditation mat. I didn’t want to get out of bed yet the calling was strong.

So I got up in the dark and cold (UK Winter!) despite every part of me wanting to go back to sleep and did as I was ‘being told’!

I moved into mediation and clearly heard the words – ‘let go of the fear of judgement so that you can hear me and do my work’.

Those words have stayed with me ever since and I have been working on them hard, with coaches, meditation, prayer. It has not been easy and there has been a lot of heaviness and darkness. I even spent a day with a Shaman two weeks ago to help me clear ancestral and childhood trauma (a lot of tears).

There has been a lot about healing the masculine and moving into the feminine – being in a place of allowing rather than controlling and forcing.

For the last year I have been experiencing alopecia and my immune system has been all over the place. I believe it has been all about embodying my practices and hearing my truth in order to heal and serve at a deeper level. 

Interestingly – since doing this work the alopecia has gone. 

Everything that is going on around us is calling us to our truth.

It is asking us to clear anything that has been holding us back – fears, stories, limiting beliefs, destructive behaviour, trauma…all of it is coming forward to be healed on a global level.

And it is hard. It feels dark, heavy and tough.

Please try not to fall on old patterns of behaviour to get through this. Use this as an opportunity to look within and heal those patterns in order to move forward. Alcohol, sugar and all the things that make us feel worse are not going to help right now. 

I know these times are deeply challenging but we will get through them and for the better.

Internal practices like meditation, affirmation, healthy eating, prayer and mindful movement are what it is ALL about. 

Health matters now more than ever – at a mind, body and soul level. By putting your health first right now you will emerge from this healthy, strong and empowered.

Sending so much love. We will get through this. Now is the time to look within. 

Anna x

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