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Anna Anderson - Entrepreneur and Transformational Coach
Stop Forgetting How Amazing You Are...
If you struggle to see an empowered, stunning woman when you look in the mirror, what would it take to know you’re enough? Worthy? Beautiful?

How would it feel to walk in a room with confidence that glows from within-- giving you the boost to go after the life you really want?

The truth is, you’re more than enough right now. You’re awesome. You’re gorgeous. You’re imperfectly perfect, brilliant and unique!

You just need to be reminded. Everyday. Doing everything for everyone else, it’s natural to forget how remarkable you really are. It’s too easy to let your light be dulled by people and pressures in life.

But it’s time to stop putting yourself on the back-burner. It’s time to get real with your fabulous self.

And the first step is with a quick, daily dose of self-love that rewires your brain and attracts the experiences you most want to live.
That’s why I’ve created this series of 365 love notes to be sent to your email. You’ll get 1 everyday for a year to Nurture and Nourish your self-love. 

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If you’re fed up with feeling negative, worthless, and full of self-doubt...

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Tap Into A Fountain Of Self-Love That Never Runs Dry
It’s no secret that self-love is the key to life. Gurus, therapists, experts and celebrities agree that it’s the secret to happiness and success.

But it’s not as simple as they say-- especially if you want to wake up confident, peaceful, and full of juicy, unapologetic love for yourself. No matter what.

With daily reminders and a little sage advice for a year, you’ll reconnect with your authentic self and fill your cup from within. That’s when negativity dissolves. Fear disappears and self-doubt fades away!

You’ll release mindset blocks and limiting beliefs, revealing a joy that lasts.

Are you ready to radiate with self-love and create the life you want?

Fab! Let’s get started.

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See The Groundbreaking Transformations That Led To My Clients’ Success:
"Anna, you guided me through my own thought processes and I ended up at the right destination - loving me. You always believed in me. You told me I was amazing and awesome, even though I saw myself totally differently to the way anyone else saw me, including you at the beginning. You have guided me, and gradually, I have started to reclaim ME but through my own heart. I have a better relationship with my family, especially mum (because of you). But more importantly, I have a better relationship with ME! I also loved our chats on a Friday evening. You gave me purpose and I was always so full of positivity and purpose after we spoke. I still miss our chats.
You didn't tell me what to do, but you did guide me to my own answers. You taught me to believe in myself, eat properly (via the food plans, which I still use. I love the recipes and being plant-based), to love myself and to be kind to others.
Now I understand that I know that I won't fail because there is no failure-- only straying off the path. I use what you taught me to find my way back on it (like a sat nav). I found you motivational, kind, gentle inspirational and a really good friend. I look forward to meeting you in person one day. I wish you all the love in the world and I cannot really see how you hope to improve but I guess there is room in all of us. "
"OMG I can't believe we are at the end of the summer reset already. Anna Anderson, thank you so much for running the programme. I have really enjoyed the whole experience. The food plans, shopping lists and support have made getting into good habits and sticking to them straight forward and dare I say easy! I feel really well informed about what my body needs and have no desire to eat unhealthy processed food, my taste buds have definitely changed! Even my big meat eater partner got involved, he loved the food. Fabulous keep up the good work Anna x "
"A very big thank you to Anna Anderson. I started the Summer Reset on 1st July, and through the coaching and the amazing recipes and food plans that she has put together, I have not only been introduced to delicious plant-based and dairy free food, I have also lost 7.5lbs in weight without even trying! This means that my clothes feel more comfortable, I am much more confident in my own skin, I have much more energy and focus and I am no longer craving sweets, cakes, biscuits and sugary drinks. 
With Anna's guidance I have become much more aware of what goes into processed foods, preservatives, added sugars, etc. and how they can have a long-term impact on our bodies. So my mindset and attitude to food has completely changed in just 4 weeks. 
I am so impressed that I have recently signed up to the New Year's Retreat and want to continue with my new foodie lifestyle. I have also met some amazing women on the same Summer Reset journey and it's been great that we have been able to share our experiences together. 
So Anna, thank you again for showing me a better, much more enjoyable way of nourishing my body for the long term."
"Thank you Anna, for the different body & mindset I've got. I feel tremendous, one coffee instead of 7, less time in the kitchen. Doing gym Pilates, kettlebells, zumba and aqua because of increased energy levels, and as a big bonus, I've lost 9lbs in 3 weeks. I'm certainly going to carry on with the knowledge you have given me. I can't thank you enough."
"At the end of June, I signed up for Anna's Summer Reset and am thrilled I did. Over half a stone down now and so much energy, no cravings, and easy to follow recipes with very tasty food. Chuffed to bits with the results, people keep asking what I'm doing because I'm bouncing!
I'll be staying with a whole foods plant-based way of eating, and with Anna's vast knowledge and great support I know I've got this! Sharing in the group and the weekly group coaching was a huge part of why I feel it was such a success for me.  "
"Iʼm coming to the end of the summer reset & wanted to share my experience. I'm in my mid 50s and have been overweight for a number of years. I've always been a curvy pear-shape but had packed on the weight in recent years. Iʼm fit & active but was really feeling the extra weight on my hips & knees. Iʼm menopausal & found that I just couldnʼt shift the weight anymore by ‘cutting downʼ. 
I did the 10-day sugar-free challenge with this group, which spurred me on to try the Reset month. So far, I have lost just over 10lbs (over a stone counting the sugar free challenge). This is the easiest way I have lost weight -ever. 
I would like to lose at least another 10lbs but will be continuing on this plant based/healthy eating diet regardless. I havenʼt had any sugar cravings, nor have I felt hungry. I have loads more energy & my joints are less sore. Plus amazingly, those pesky menopausal symptoms have vanished. 
Life is too short! Seize the day & the tin of chickpeas (and give Anna a call!) Thank you Anna 
and all the other ladies in the group for your support xxx  "
"I've only just realised I've mostly stopped craving sweet things and a lot of unhealthy things! I donʼt frantically binge anymore. I think it's mainly because my blood sugar is far more stable and my body is getting what it needs. Plus. I acknowledge when I do want something like chocolate or alcohol. Itʼs to plug an emotional gap! Iʼm so pleased with myself and thankful for you Anna and all the ladies in this group  "
"Hi Anna. You guided me nutritionally. You encouraged me to make time for me, including taking time to meditate, access the calm app, go to bed earlier, say no when I need to. To make self-care a priority.You helped me to dig really deep, and question myself on why I felt that I am not a good person and worthy of happiness and compliments! You inspired me and I loved our Friday chats which always left me buzzing with positivity. The support to write down my goals, make a plan and weekly chats to keep me focussed on it helped me succeed. "
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